Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jon and the Gold Digger Minus Kate and Eight

Okay, I've tried to stay out of the fray with Jon and Kate. I used to watch the show. Who wouldn't watch a show about twin girls and their six siblings? In the beginning, it was entertaining and made me thankful for my own quiet home. I watched as people and companies gifted Jon and Kate with much needed family vacations and toys - things they probably couldn't do on their own.

I also watched as Kate became increasingly tougher on Jon. I started feeling like she was picking on him, emasculating him on national television. Well, friends, I believe that pendulum is starting to swing the other way. What we, the viewing public, may not have seen was that Jon was the 9th child in that house. Although he (apparently) willingly married young and immediately fathered eight kids, he seemed immature and his latest antics just confirm it.

I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one on tv, but I would think any lawyer worth his weight in salt would advise his client going through a very public divorce to keep the new gold-digging child girlfriend out of the limelight. The attorney might even suggest that his client maintain a low profile himself. But Jon? Jon's attorney must not be saying much because in recent months, Jon has pierced his ears (nice), held court with the Paparazzi in his driveway, said he was "excited" about this next chapter in his life (as a single man), and flaunted his 22 year old girlfriend all over St. Tropez.

And the girlfriend? She is the daughter of a surgeon who, as a favor to his wife, performed a tummy tuck on Kate. Mrs. Glassman was such a fan of the show she invited Kate to recuperate for a week at her home. Now the young daughter is playing with the older, married (yes, honey, he's still married) Jon in front of every tabloid camera in the world. Let's not forget she's now sporting some super-tacky skull diamond ring. I'm sure she wouldn't be so interested in him if there wasn't some money in his pocket.

Hey, have eight kids at home. You don't need this one- she'll cost you more than the other eight combined.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sheila Jackson Lee - Ready for Her Close-Up

Growing up in Houston, I was used to seeing Sheila Jackson Lee everywhere. During her time on Houston City Council, she was always yearning for attention. My mom used to say that the most dangerous place to be is between Sheila Jackson Lee and a camera.

So, it should come as no surprise that the congresswoman from Houston was on the stage at the Michael Jackson Memorial touting her as yet to be passed resolution honoring the King of Pop. She paraded on stage at this memorial in a white suit. Way to show respect, Congresswoman. She then brought forth the framed resolution to honor Michael Jackson's contributions to society. Huh? What did he do for the people in her district? In her city? Not a damn thing. This was just another example of Congresswoman Lee taking an opportunity to put herself in front of a camera.

Congresswoman Lee should put herself behind a desk instead and concentrate on the more important matters at hand like the economy or health care or funding this ridiculous war. For that matter, pick up an etiquette book and read the chapter about appropriate attire for a funeral.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Unwanted

In the last 5 months, we have adopted two dogs from the Humane Society of North Texas. We first adopted Rose in February; she was only 6 weeks old. She didn't know hardship or that she wasn't wanted. All that she knew was that she was tired and cold and tiny. We brought her home and she has flourished. But each day, I wonder if her mom, two sisters, and her brother found good homes. I know they were all adopted - I just hope they're loved.

About a month ago, we (okay - I) decided that Rose needed a friend so we adopted Gigi. She's approximately three years old. We don't know why she ended up at the shelter. We were told her people couldn't take her wherever they were going. She's a good dog - very sweet and loving and playful. She's finally learning to trust us and that we won't be taking her back to the shelter.

I know that people fall on hard times and they can barely feed their families, much less their pets. But so many others just get tired of their pets and "put them out" wherever it is convenient. Or they take them to a shelter. Or they just move on and don't give these pets a second thought. I've often wondered how these people would react if someone did that to them - just got bored and dropped them off. Pets are not accessories, nor are they things that can be discarded. Pets are part of the family, until death do you part.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A new blogger hits the web

The web has enough bloggers - more than enough. But I have thoughts and opinions and ideas and want to share them with anyone willing to read them. I've recently started following a couple of blogs on a regular basis and am enthralled with the comings and goings of these strangers. I hope people will think the same thing about my blog.

I think the title of my blog is pretty descriptive - Out of Sync. That's how I feel a lot of days. It's not a negative feeling - just a feeling. Remember high school? You were a jock or a nerd or a stoner or a cool kid. What if you were out of sync with all of those groups? Where did you fit? That's how I feel today. Am I a liberal Republican or a conservative Democrat? I'm a newlywed at age 40 when most of my friends were newlyweds in their 20's and 30's. So who do we hang out with - the newlyweds who think we're fossils or the people our age who have kids and wonder why we don't? It seems life is all about fitting in, so I want to explore what it's like to just be.