Friday, July 3, 2009

A new blogger hits the web

The web has enough bloggers - more than enough. But I have thoughts and opinions and ideas and want to share them with anyone willing to read them. I've recently started following a couple of blogs on a regular basis and am enthralled with the comings and goings of these strangers. I hope people will think the same thing about my blog.

I think the title of my blog is pretty descriptive - Out of Sync. That's how I feel a lot of days. It's not a negative feeling - just a feeling. Remember high school? You were a jock or a nerd or a stoner or a cool kid. What if you were out of sync with all of those groups? Where did you fit? That's how I feel today. Am I a liberal Republican or a conservative Democrat? I'm a newlywed at age 40 when most of my friends were newlyweds in their 20's and 30's. So who do we hang out with - the newlyweds who think we're fossils or the people our age who have kids and wonder why we don't? It seems life is all about fitting in, so I want to explore what it's like to just be.


Neal said...

Exciting to see your first days blogging. Never forget you are an exciting and interesting person. I am privileged to know you!

Anonymous said...

Ok - this looks different. I just wanted to say it's wonderful to read what you're thinking - sometimes it's easier to put in writing than to say in words watching your thoughts and listening to the person you have become.