Thursday, December 2, 2010

In my mind

In my mind, I'm not 41. In my mind, it hasn't been 23 years since I graduated from high school. It hasn't been 25 years since the music of the 80's rocked my stereo and parachute pants were cool. In my mind, I'm somewhere between college and 41.

The Class of 1987 had its dreams (apologies to the Statler Brothers). I don't recall thinking there would be any tough spots on the road ahead. After all, everything had been great up to that point! No one plans for the bad stuff; it just happens.

But then I get a dose of reality and know that we are truly adults. We're spouses, partners, parents, friends, grandparents. We have grown-up jobs and responsibilities. We care for sick children and parents. We've lost classmates and parents and grandparents. And tonight, we have a widow in our class. It just seems so strange; we're so young to face the big my mind.