Saturday, September 21, 2013

An open letter to advertisers

I'm Gen X.  I'm not a cute little millenial or a Gen Z or a Gen Y or any other young thing.  I'm a 44 year old woman who works hard for her money.  Yet everywhere I look, advertisers (and television producers because of the advertisers) are pandering to the young 'uns.  Sure, that last statement makes me sound like I should sign up for my AARP card, but I'm tired of being overlooked when it comes to advertising and television programming.

I grew up with scripted television and a few game shows.  I'm not a fan of reality television. Yes, I've seen an episode of The Apprentice and even watched a Toddlers and Tiaras, but most of the reality programming is like something straight out of a tabloid.  Even Deadliest Catch which started out as a gritty show now has ridiculous drama.  Apparently, that's what the "kids" today want to watch and that's where the advertisers spend their money.  I watched CBS ruin "Vegas" because it didn't fit their target demo.

What about those of us that don't fit into some age bracket that you deem important?  Do you think we don't buy cars, or clothes, or furniture or take trips?  We do.  As a group, Gen X, the Boomers and the Greatest Generation have more disposable income than those whippersnappers.  We've bought our first home and usually our second or third.  We've paid off student loans.  A lot of us are empty nesters.  Why don't you acknowledge us with something other than erectile dysfunction medication and laxative commercials?

Something to think about as you compile your Google analytics and web click data. 

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