Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A letter to Charlie Sheen

Dear Charlie,

Oh how I've enjoyed you over the years, from movies such as "Major League" to the incredibly funny sitcom "Two and a Half Men." You have made me smile and laugh. I even jumped into the fray and started following you on Twitter. It was fun...for a minute.

What happened to you? Did the drugs overtake you, or did your ego tell you that you were capable of handling all drugs? Now, the more I read, it seems to me that you need help. I never knew that you shot Kelly Preston (yes, I accident). We won't even talk about the knife you allegedly held to Brooke's throat. Fine, we'll leave the personal problems alone.

But let me explain how the rest of the world works: you don't bite the hand that feeds you. What does this mean? This means that interviews, without the consent or knowledge of your attorneys or publicist, are never a good idea, even if they are from Sober Valley Lodge. You don't rant and bitch about your bosses, no matter how crappy they are. We've all had crappy bosses, man, but you have to just go bitch in private, not public. You don't wield machetes from a roof in Hollywood when you don't get your way.

But the last straw for me? When you publicly lashed out at Jon Cryer. Jon has respectfully kept his mouth closed (a lesson you'd do well to learn, albeit a little late). Did it occur to you that he has his own family to provide for, that maybe he needs to put HIS interests ahead of yours? Just because he doesn't publicly support your latest temper tantrum or rant, it doesn't mean he doesn't support you. It just means that he has wisely chosen to keep his mouth shut.

It was a good run. Thanks for the laughs, but I'm done following you on Twitter and reading about your antics. Good luck, Charlie. I sincerely hope you get the help you need.


Neal said...

Disturbed? Probably. Strung out and incoherent? Certainly. Savvy like a fox and probably going to make even more money because of his insightful understanding of how the media feeds the sheeple what they want? OH YES.

When everyone else is running to the trough to slop up the latest Hollowood scandal I try to remember what keeps tinsel-town going...the grease of our dollars.

If someone doesn't like the taste, I suggest they stop watching what is being slopped-out by these hacks.

fiwa said...

You know, I refuse to follow all the hype about this. I think it's sad that he has this addiction problem, and it's sick that the media keeps focusing on it and fanning the flames.

I do feel sorry for John Cryer though, I hope he can move on to something better.